Electric fireplace not working

So by the time the small amount of voltage gets sent back to the fireplace, it is not enough to signal the fireplace to turn on. 0/5. Conclusion. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Valuxhome is a professional manufacturer of different style electric fireplace, including insert electric fireplace, recessed electric fireplace, wall mounted fireplace, free standing electric stove and space heater, etc. Get the trendy barn door look without undergoing major construction by adding the Cabaret TV stand with an infrared quartz electric fireplace to any room in the home. The safety of an electrical fireplace is also extremely beneficial, especially in homes with small children or pets. Thankfully, you can have your fireplace without any of the aggravation. Burnt or damaged wires indicate a deeper underlying problem with your fireplace. The barn doors slide to cover the 32 fireplace when it s powered off. The VividFlame Electric Firebox sets a new benchmark in LED flame technology. Our electric fireplace is not only decorative, but it is functional with a working built in electric heater. Milivolt ignition system. Having some trouble with your gas fireplace? Watch this video and learn how to troubleshoot any problems you may have with your Majestic gas fireplaces. It worked for 3 weeks and now keeps tripping off. Not only are you unable to cook, but you’ll also need to figure out what the problem is. Multifunctional fireplace holds flat screen TV and video components. Wall mounted electric fireplace can be simply hung on pretty much any wall, just like a flat-screen TV or a picture. Electric Fireplace Logs Excellent working condition . It has baffles that allow it to do the job efficiently. This fireplace from Dynasty is available in a variety of sizes, which can be chosen in accordance with your requirements. Some of these heaters have a 4 position switch, (off, low, med, high) and the heater will automatically shut off when a certain temperature is reached, and the temperature is Our staff and installers are trained to help provide the best choice for your entire new electric fireplace project. To keep your apartment room warm with an electric fireplace, you will not have to go for a pricey electric fireplace. When you choose Dimplex Electric Fireplaces, you get not only the world’s finest electric fireplace, but total peace of mind as well. All About Electric Fireplaces. Electric fireplace inserts simply fit into existing fireplaces and provide an artificial fire that creates the warmth and ambiance you want with just a flip of a switch. If the pilot does not stay lit, you may have air left in the lines from installation. That’s where the Electric fireplace comes in to save you. Compact Infrared Fireplace Electric. The puraflame 26" western electric fireplace insert is an energy-saving, elegant, firebox, with a convenient multi-function remote control. ,Ltd. The fireplace works just fine when we use the manual control buttons. When it is not working and I switch it from OFF to ON and it does not light, if I disconnect one of the splices and then reconnect it lights no problem. A lot of Reviews has prove the item these things provides better excellent, and so almost all of the purchasers are usually pleased. An electric fireplace is an electric heater that mimics a fireplace burning coal, wood, or natural do not require chimneys;; are often portable;; do not require remodeling to install. Repairs should be done by a trained technician authorized and trained to work on Heat Surge Units. During the 2nd night, the unit quit working- no light, flames, or heat. Remote, all hardware and manual included. Hassle-free, safe and energy efficient and the best electric fireplace is able to keep you warm throughout the many winters and give you the joy of golden flames and glowing embers all the year around. So, here are a few things experts recommend you can try to get your gas fireplace working again: 1. Also, the portable fireplace adds ambiance, visual appeal, and warmth to any space. To use the remote controller effectively, point it to the electric fireplace and keep a distance of 1-5 meters. All things considered, however, if your home didn’t come with a wood-burning fireplace, an electric fireplace can still be a cozy alternative that’s good for the environment. Here we will cover the installation of firebox inserts into the existing fireplaces. Whether you are installing a fireplace or creating a new look in your home, we have fireplaces from trusted brands reviewed by the trade and home improvers. We have developed many industry leading and award-winning product lines including Greystone® electric fireplaces and appliances and Drive® audio/video entertainment systems, camera systems and speakers and Everchill® refrigerators. The electronic ignition that operates the blower and flame height will not function If you're looking for help buying, installing, or troubleshooting your fireplace remote control - you're in the right place. As with any consumer product, there are some instances where you may experience problems with your electric fireplace. It heats quickly and evenly while staying cool to the touch. On comparing to others, the electric fireplace does not require any energy or fuel other than electricity and do not need any vent to escape the heat out. It also includes a . Page 14: Light Bulb Replacement II. Before you take that route, try and View our customer care section for helpful information to ensure that your Heatilator product is safe, reliable and easy-to-use. Shop electric fireplace inserts in the fireplace inserts section of Lowes. Cosmetically in excellent condition. Internal Functions of Remote. com offers 415 control board for electric fireplace products. Heat Surge has become the leader in blending Old World Amish craftsmanship with new technology, providing heating options to utilize zone heating, giving relief from high heating bills, which in turn, has helped make them the nation’s largest provider of electric fireplaces and fireplace accessories sold to consumers across the United States. 26 Oct 2016 If your unit has not been responding well of late, follow the simple electric fireplace troubleshooting tips below that will likely solve the  18 Sep 2015 However, this piece of technology occasionally creates problem, and electric fireplace repair is not as easy as a wood burning fireplace repair. Whether your gas fireplace uses propane or natural gas, ceramic logs or fire glass, is free standing, built-in, double-sided or a slip-in insert, it requires a gas burner to create the flames. The heaters' flame effect resembles a fireplace and works with or without heat. If you have 110v and the water heater is still not working, the filiment might have failed and may need replacement. With the Ember Hearth Electric Media Fireplace, you can make your home's decor more rustic with an addition of a fireplace. How Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Work? Considering electric fireplace inserts function much like space heaters, it may be a good idea to understand how they work to heat your home. Carried my camper camping world in Nashville Tn. Questions, problems, missing parts ? 13 Apr 2018 Not only are electric fireplace heating solutions affordable, but Recessed fireplace heaters do require more time, work, and cost to set up but  21 Oct 2012 If your pilot light ignites but won't stay lit, then the problem is most likely To test the electrical output of the thermopile, make sure the pilot light  Thank you and congratulations for purchasing an electric fireplace from For Troubleshooting and Technical Support ⑩ This fireplace is not intended. We offer free shipping and a price match guarantee on all products! A smart and easy way to decorate a non-working fireplace is by simply saturating it one color. Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening as this may cause an electric shock or fire, or damage the appliance. Fireplace Electric. If this doesn’t help then, you might have a burned out heating element. If you don't have a chimney or simply want to avoid the hassle of a wood-burning or gas fireplace, electric fireplaces provide an alternative to traditional systems. The Duraflame Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove is a durable, portable electric fireplace heater that will warm up your home and provide the ambiance of a real fire. Gas fireplace fan not working [ 9 Answers ] We have had our propane gas fireplace for 4 years now, and it has always worked beautifully until now. If you are noticing water in your fireplace, smoke not filtering through the chimney correctly, or any other oddity with your fireplace, do not continue to use it as it could be a fire hazard. When there's a nip in the air, this picturesque RedStone Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Stove is just the thing to cozy up next to. On When your electric stove burner isn’t working, your daily routine can be put on hold. Of course, everyone is aware that they come with cool electronic remote controls to adjust the flame patterns and settings. Once the pilot is lit, continue to hold down the valve for 30 seconds and release. Fireplace Burner. Muskoka boasts both traditional and more contemporary electric fireplace & heater styles, crafted with a furniture-grade quality. Not to be confused with your typical electric baseboard heaters, this type of steam radiator works on the same premise of steam rising and condensation falling, however, they take up very little room in your home. Featuring a single, adjustable shelf in the twin open cabinets and features a 23 inch Dimplex Electric Fireplace for instant ambience and warmth. Last, but not least, your electric fireplace’s fan. Appliance manuals and free pdf instructions. Electric fireplace insert has two sections that blow heat. To prevent a possible fire, DO NOT install or use this electric fireplace insert directly . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers LCD TV Over An Electric Fireplace by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff | August 17, 2009 4:06 AM PDT. The Electric Furnaces are run by two ways – either they are headed by bulbs or with the help of motors. This space heater is so lightweight that you don’t need to buy two. 7 Aug 2017 The Muskoka MHC35BL electric fireplace has a unique curved design and includes more heat settings than most units. We hope you enjoyed our look at electric fireplace frequently asked questions. Open the gas valve if it’s closed to restore gas flow. the realistic fire-like feature consists of backlit leds flame with 3 different variations of intensity and brightness, together with life-like resin logs and a glowing ember bed to create a life-like flame feel. Electric fireplaces are turned on by an on/off switch located on the wall or fireplace unit and a remote control. If you move around the house with your oxygen, you may need more than one fire extinguisher in different locations. Why? My remote will not turn my fireplace off. Yeah, it involves a lot of your time and energy, not to mention the money. 23 Aug 2019 It's not easy to choose a perfect wall mount electric fireplace for your home. Do not try to light the appliance. It worked just fine up until a couple days ago before we shut the main breaker switch off to the home so we could replace a light ceiling fixture. You can meet the requirement with an affordable fireplace. A fireplace improves the atmosphere of your home, but fireplace installation can be costly and require a great deal of maintenance. So far, mostly good. This sturdy, but lightweight stove heater has a beautiful antique design, and it produces a lot of heat and can heat a small room very quickly. Because they produce zero emissions, you can put your electric unit almost anywhere, and you don’t need to worry about venting to the outside. Luckily, most if not all electric fireplace motors and fans are assembled pre-lubricated and require no further attention. I disconnected the switch and tried to turn on the fireplace by carefully joining the conductors. and claim they could not be more Gas fireplace fan not working. You can run them along the baseboards of your home in a very discreet manner. The Dimplex DF2600L 26" Plug-in Electric Fireplace is the same fireplace used on factory equipped RV's. I would like to change this switch for a brown one. If you've lost your fireplace remote control or your receiver box has stopped working, don't worry—you can purchase a remote only or receiver box by itself right here. Perfect for the office, condos, and apartments, or anywhere else a gas fireplace can't go, the Allure 60 Electric Fireplace easily adds shine and luxury to your space. A perfect solution for anyone wanting the calming aesthetics of a fireplace without the need for venting. details about mid century royal desoto electric fireplace hanging orange working. I let it run for quite a while, but one day noticed that the plug was hot as blazes and the wall behind the plug was also hot. We have been selling, servicing and installing fireplaces for over twenty-five (25) years in the Chicagoland market and look forward to working with you. 15. The Fireplace Stove is available in several colors to match your decor, but the standard black model is by far the best value. elana2009, The main thing to determine is if doing so will cause the unit to go outside of its Make sure you have working smoke detectors and a working fire extinguisher in your home. A gas fireplace can make a beautiful addition to your home, whether you enjoy the romantic dance of flames at night or the warm feel of a fire on a cold night, there are literally hundreds of models and variations to choose from. How to Troubleshoot a Skytech Fireplace Remote Control: If you have a standard Skytech fireplace remote control and you can't get it to work with your fireplace watch our video above or use these simple troubleshooting steps to get it working again. Toll-free technical support is available should you need assistance. First, check to see if your pilot light is lit. My remote control is not working. Therefore, detaching the gas valve from the remote receiver or taking the batteries from the remote receiver will not turn off the fireplace. When to call in the gas fireplace repair experts. Fireplace trim kit deangraziosi info electric fireplace kit dimplex 23 inch electric fireplace trim kit black electric fireplace insert expandable trim kit fotografija dimplex electric fireplace insert dimplex dfi23trimx. Ok, sorry it is not working yet. Diagnosing a Thermocouple Problem An electric fireplace is a pretty straightforward household appliance. Buy now from Amazon. They even were helpful in working around my busy schedule. , the infrared heat helps to maintain the natural humidity within the air - resulting in moist, comfortable heat without drying out the room's air. We are committed to providing high quality products and service to meet customer's needs. Easily replace a lost or malfunctioning fireplace unit. ­ iStockphoto/Gordon Ball ­Fireplaces are great, especially if you live in a region that routinely experiences cold winters. Our team of experts have put together helpful articles to help you with your needs. Every once in a while, however, there will be issues that need to be addressed. In fear of burning my house down, I unplugged it and am Help with Electric Fireplace Issue We've been really impressed with the responsiveness as the dealer provided a replacement microwave where the fan wasn't working and a seat heater that didn't heat and we were able to install ourselves to avoid having to haul it back to them. PRACTICAL USER'S GUIDE FOR THE ANDONG ELECTRIC FIREPLACE ADL Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening as this may cause an electric shock or fire, or damage the fireplace. This article will cover a most common installation process of an electric fireplace insert inside of an existing masonry fireplace. Not to fret, electric fireplaces are fairly straightforward devices and there's probably a logical reason the heat or flames may not be working. This worked 100% of the time. Homeowners traditionally mount an electric fireplace against a wall. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Reasons Your Gas Fireplace Isn’t Working Gas fireplaces have several benefits: they’re easy to control, efficient at heating, and clean-burning. A wide variety of control board for electric fireplace options are available to you, such as free samples. Did not know at the time the electric fireplace did not work. Page 1 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE - DF2550, DF2426, BF9000 PROBLEm CaUSE SOLUTION General Circuit breaker trips or fuse Short in unit wiring. Put a fireplace key into the device’s gas valve knob. Shut off the fireplace and gas supply. Dimplex North America has thousands of technical documents including Owner's Manuals, Service Manuals, Assembly Instructions, Installation Guides, Sell Sheets and Specification Sheets. You need to have a look whether the heating element is working. Top 8 Electric Fireplaces Review 2019 You go to get your gas fireplace running…but the fireplace won’t light? Failing fireplaces may ignite your anger, but don’t get too upset just yet. Electric fireplaces also have the advantage of not leaking and emitting carbon monoxide, making them perfectly safe and healthy to be around and enjoy. From a wall-mounted electric fireplace to an electric fireplace insert to a free-standing design, choosing the right style is not only based on personal preference but also the size of your area, how much heat you need, and the style of your home. This is known but unless you have aproblem you would not have been told. Ningbo Jiaqing Machinery Co. Hi we have Heatilator gas fireplace and it stopped lighting. 25 Mar 2014 Help, my Electric Fireplace Stopped Working!” Here's what you can do to figure out why your electric fireplace has left you out in the cold. We still have flames, but the fan (which we usually leave turned off and only use once in a while) isn't working. Greystone Fireplace WF2613R Has No Heat; Troubleshooting Greystone F2611E RV Fireplace Curved Electric With Lights But No Heat or Fan the Maxitrol valve uses an electric motor to turn on/up and down/off the flame. In case you like such style, you will surely get inspired by these electric fireplace solutions. A modern electric fireplace insert does not How to Troubleshoot a Napoleon Fireplace Remote Control: If you have a standard Napoleon fireplace remote control and you can't get it to work with your fireplace watch our video above or use these simple troubleshooting steps to get it working again. Contact your local gas supplier from outside, or a neighbor’s house. Way Interglobal has a history of creating and selling innovative RV products and accessories. I don't see I am getting spark at that terminal with a grounded wire, and I have continuity to the tip, but no spark. 5" with corner piece. 11 of 12. It is one of the sweetest stoves on our list. Hopefully I can describe the problem in a way that makes sense. My electric fireplace gives off heat, the fan works but the flames won't flicker and move anymore. The gas valve can not be turned off by removing the power supply. The fire has the usual flame effect driven by a small motor and two 60W bulbs, neither of which are working. Buy products such as Costway 28. 1 viewed per hour. It takes away the chill and makes it easier to concentrate on working. It is the perfect unit to have in your house or apartment that you don’t want to into full construction of a fireplace. I have a gas fireplace that is turned on by a wall switch. Dimplex Dfi23trimx. The product high quality can be outstanding. Pick the fireplace that is easy to use and keeps your environment safe and cozy. Try these suggested fixes to get your gas fireplace working normally again. It doesn't have too many components, so the mechanics of an electric fireplace are not hard to understand. If you do your inspection and you find damaged wires in any part of the gas fireplace not working, or you smell burning wires, do not try to fix the wires yourself. 5-inches high, 13-inches wide and 8-inches deep. If your gas fireplace isn’t starting, there could any number of possible issues contributing. Resembling a wood burning stove but much more straightforward to use, an electric fireplace not only adds an ultra-modern look to your traditional home but also gives it a cozy feeling. While a burning smell coming from your electric heater, furnace, or heat pump is common (and normally not a cause for alarm), you don’t have to live with a less-than-pleasant burning odor. Posted: 4:00 defective valves or bad modules in electric ignition units, according to experts. Electric fireplaces mimic a wood burning fire with flame effects and a glowing ember bed that are created by light bulbs that are placed inside of the log set. Hybrid-Thermic ® Heat is like bringing home the warmth of the sun. Cast We recently received a note from a reader asking us for help on decorating her non-working fireplace and decided to round up 15 of our favorite decor options. So, you can check and test out the wall switch for any potential issues. Set the timer to shut off automatically at the desired time, or operate the unit with or without heat for year round use. When we only have one or two couples here (we have 4 rooms) it is much better to let them use the electric fireplace in the room instead of me having to heat up the whole upstairs. That would suggest the gap between the tip and the other metal piece but it seems about 5/16" like the manual says. Luckily, fixing your fireplace shouldn't be hard to do. Being fairly new to homeownership I'm not sure whether this is a problem for an electrician or a gas fireplace expert. Are there any components that may be burned out and need to be - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician Yes, In fact it is the only environment friendly choice to make. Shop electric fireplaces in the fireplaces section of Lowes. 5 feet off the floor is ideal. 1. If you’re looking for some real heat, this may not be your best option, as an electric fireplace won’t match the heat output of a wood or gas fireplace. (I believe it is the Greystone. With a natural gas vented logs set or an electric fireplace, you can have dancing flames and cozy warmth at the touch of a button! In addition to the remote control, we offer wall switches and even programmable timers that automatically turn on your fireplace. First of all, discuss the working procedure of the electric fireplace. know the heater mode is still active, not the current heater working level. Sometimes the flames go into the logs instead of coming out. I have a gas fireplace downstairs so the heath from that one heats up the common area upstairs and downstairs. They just look like they are frozen in time. Operation 1. The realistic flame effects will easily set the mood for a relaxing evening at home. Not to worry, here’s what you can do if you find yourself saying, “Help, my Electric Fireplace Stopped Working!” Figure out why your electric fireplace remote is not working from the electric fireplace specialists! These are the 8 most common reasons why an electric fireplace remote control will stop working beginning with the easiest fix and progressing to deeper issues further down the line. The lady said just turn it on at the wall switch All I said was gggeeessscchhhh. Check for any obstructions. Not sure how much I will save on heating because I have not yet received my electric or gas bill since the heater was delivered, but I am truly satisfied with this beautiful heater! Consumers repairing units is not recommended by us or Heat Surge. How to achieve optimal heat performance in the new EV-3 Roll-n-Glow. About 39% of these are electric fireplaces, 15% are other pcb & pcba, and 9% are multilayer pcb. Featuring an industrial, distressed design, the Ramona Electric Fireplace Television Stand is a one-of-a-kind mixed media model. 0: Bought a 2016 Keystone Springdale in Chattanooga Tn. A fire place can be either a dominating feature or a subtle addition blending into the background of the room. The biggest drawback about fireplaces is the mess created by burning wood. Gather your family around a new faux fireplace featured in an electric fireplace TV stand, traditional grand fireplace, wall mounted fireplace and more. Since Feb. If it’s not, maybe it just blew out. The red window on the control panel of fireplace is the eye of receiver, do not Are you having issues operating your Heat & Glo gas fireplace? Watch the video here and walk through several steps to effectively troubleshoot. Your Certified Experts in Everything Fireplace and Chimney (785) 670-6600 Services Inspections Need an inspection? We can help! We use specialized camera equipment to inspect the internals of your chimney to insure you are safe, along with inspecting all other parts of your system. Since smoke is cancerous, the electric fireplace reduces risk of lung irritation as it does not produce any smoke. Are you aware that there is an air circulation problem with the electric fireplace. Buy products related to replacement heater for electric fireplace products and see what customers say about replacement heater for electric fireplace products on Amazon. I have an electric fireplace and it stopped working. If a fireplace fails to turn on when prompted, the problem can involve one of several components. Electric Fireplace. Recommended Replacement for Greystone Electric Fireplace Model WF2613L; Back Light Will Not Go Out On Greystone 26 Curved Electric Fireplace F2611E; Can 26 inch Fireplace in RV Replace 28 inch Fireplace. Consumers may create more of a problem to themselves when installing parts improperly and/or not getting the right parts to really fix the problem(s). The two main things to consider are: How does it give off heat? How does it so closely resemble actual, flickering flames Electric fireplace heaters simulate the look of a fireplace, but don't actually burn gas or wood like a traditional fireplace. Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with brackets and hardware needed for installation. In fact, homebuyers will pay up to $1,400 more for a home with a fireplace, according to the “Home Features Survey” from the National Electric Fireplaces offer the beauty and ambiance of a traditional fireplace, but do not require a chimney or venting. It's an electric fireplace, so you don't have to worry about burning wood and further polluting the environment. This year, when I turn the wall switch on, I do not even hear - or smell - the gas coming on or through at all. The coils never turn red, the fan motor never turns, and no heat is ever produced. Hey, Just moved into a house that has a Heat N Glo fireplace installed. Therefore, 14. After putting the power back on the fireplace will not respond to the remote. It will receive huge compliments from the visitors if you place this stove in your living room The electric fireplace looks so realistic that you may think that it is a wood-burning fireplace, not an electric fireplace. 5'' Fireplace Electric Embedded Insert Heater Glass Log Flame Remote Home at Walmart and save. Why? The fireplace flame does not turn on and off at the exact desired Fortunately, most gas fireplace issues require nothing more than a little troubleshooting. Our GFK-160A Fireplace Blower Fan Kit is designed for Heat & Glo fireplace to circulate air around the firebox and enhance heat output. Although most electric fireplaces perform to their specifications, occasionally a problem can arise that causes it to stop working. One of the newest features is a digital thermostat that can be set to your desired temperature between 58 and 88 degrees. Checked remote control - OK. Unfollow electric fireplace replacement parts to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Can you Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Yourself Your electric bill will be shockingly low thanks to zone heating and warming only the room you want where you spend the most time. Thanks again guys! Looks great and works even better! They also last a lifetime if cared for properly, but they need to be repaired from time to time. Exclusively developed by Real Flame to offer unparalleled flame realism and brightness, along with a wealth of other great features. It is not so long ago that if you wanted a fireplace, you had to change the structural design of your house to incorporate the feature; that is if it was not in the original plan. If your pilot light is working but the main burner doesn’t turn on, the problem is probably the thermostat. Alcohol gel fireplaces are relatively new and pretty cool, considering they appear to have normal-working flames. So really it’s just a gap in the wall, surrounded by a lovely (or maybe not so lovely) mantel, and what are you going to do with it now? We’ve got a few ideas. This heater, another cheap piece of crap made in China, stopped working in February; we bought it in October. (It has a wall switch. How well the gas fireplace operates during power outages depends on the model. If they are bulb-driven, check on the bulbs. Cannot deliver. Whether contemporary or traditional, our electric fireplaces offer traditional or contemporary designs to complement every room or home décor. Constructed out of high-quality glass, it has a multi-functional remote control for easy and convenient usage. Once you insert the key, do not turn it until after preparing your lighter, otherwise you may release a dangerous amount of gas into the room. Do not use any telephone in your house. We LOVE the electric fireplace - silly yes, but what can I say. Fireplace Electric 31 in. Pros The Allure 60-inch Electric Fireplace protrudes only 5 inch into your space when hung, but can be fully recessed into the wall as well. What is a Fireplace Blower? It is a small fan in a squirel cage that circulates warm air throughout the room. Page 13 If no batteries installed or the batteries are not working, the remote controller will be unusable. Not only does this fireplace heat up your home, but it acts as a media console at the same time. City working on land swap deal for How far away from the fireplace can I be and activate the fireplace with a remote control? How long will the batteries last? I have questions or issues with the RC300 wireless remote control. One of those is the thermostatic control. We've had our 34TSRE out for 5 nights now. This electric fireplace is designed to be installed in your wall. The people that came to my house to install everything we're very professional and had years of experience and knowledge. These replacement parts keep you from needing to replace an entire remote control system and help save you money. Existing electric fireplace manufacturers have simply overlooked the importance of realism. We have an electric fireplace that does not seem to heat anymore. ft. electric fireplaces perform to their specifications, occasionally a problem can  25 Feb 2016 An electric portable fireplace adds ambiance and warmth to a room, but what if it isn't working? Here are 6 tips to troubleshoot. The electric fireplace possesses a heating element on the top or bottom part of the fireplace that you will not find in traditional gas or wood-burning fireplace. ITEM # 1031288. This is probably the easiest of the tests, and it does not require any equipment. The #1 Market Leader in electric fireplaces and a market leader in adjustable height desks, Twin Star Home sees the trends that matter to consumers and leads the industry in getting there. 24, I have been given the runaround by customer service, saying variously that the part (fan motor) was on back-order, was not on back-order, that I would get it in two days, that I would get it in a week or ten days, etc. The Hampton Bay Albury 31 in. FILTER BY > > > > Real Flame 7720E Calie Electric Fireplace Media Cabinet Real Flame 9900 Monte Vista Landscape Electric Fireplace Media Console. Also auto doesn't appear to be working. Customer Reviews Although it was a tough choice, our top pick for the best electric fireplace heater is the HomCom 16 Inch 1500 Watt Wood Stove Fireplace Heater. Marlan Marlan and Sheri, Fulltime RV'ers Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Napoleon 38 Inch Vertical Black Wall Mount Hanging Electric Fireplace w/Remote at the best online prices at eBay! The look of the fireplace is very nice and for the price it is “ok”. nothing happens. Why do I not see the flame anymore? Combining an infrared fireplace with the ability to sit your flat panel TV is this 31 in. Try to reignite the pilot it by following the fireplace manufacturer’s instructions. com offers 1,852 electric fireplace no heat products. Help your family breathe easier with this easy-to-install filter attachment for your Heat Surge Electric Fireplace, use your fireplace all year long! New Age Technology. Cozy, elegant, informal or eye catching, you’ll find the right style to complement your home with our complete line of gas, wood and electric fireplaces. Have called the factory 3 times now, but still no help. Here are some   An electric fireplace heats a home with electric-supplied heat instead of wood. Some units tend to have a separate switch for the heating element, so make sure it’s on. ASSEMBLY, CARE & USE INSTRUCTIONS. These two heating appliances differ in their working mechanisms. Any thoughts on how to get them moving? If you’re looking for the benefits of a traditional fireplace without all the work that’s involved, an electric fireplace might be just the answer. The following are troubleshooting tips for gas fireplaces, continued from Part 1 of this two-part series. Last year, the pilot had difficulty lighting, but eventually would. How to Install an Electric Fireplace Insert. Take the shivers out of the cold winter air with a realistic MagikFlame electric fireplace in your home this Holiday season and enjoy a no mess, maintenance-free experience that will bring happiness to the whole family. If you are lined up correctly to use the remote and the stove/fireplace still doesn’t respond, replace the battery in the remote hand unit. #1: Working Mechanism. We have an electric fireplace - the blower fan is now not working - was working fine - but just stopped - ACE Dimplex (r) Compact Electric question My electric fireplace has stopped working. The fireplace turns on with a nice flame and then goes to blue and then woof, it and the pilot flame are extinguished. Trace wiring in unit. Shop our extensive selection of electric fireplaces, inserts, tv stands and wall mounted fireplaces at Electric Fireplaces Direct. This may take several attempts after initial installation. Dimplex electric fireplaces offer realistic fireplaces with the convenience of a plug-in appliance. A wide variety of electric fireplace no heat options are available to you, such as ce, csa. Keeping the fire stoked, while trying to keep the house clean is burdensome and time consuming. They can be installed virtually anywhere since they do not require a chimney or venting system and they do not produce real flames so they don't require The electric fireplace is one of the economic inventions to make the space warm and cozy to live in. It’s a romantic and coveted household feature. Should you not have a working fireplace to curl up next to during the winter and, Of course, while beauty is a necessity when it comes to purchasing an electric fireplace, function is equally Inspiration > Family Spaces Building a Custom Electric Fireplace Surround. I live in So. Can stand flat against wall or tucked in corner with included corner piece. With great features such as a zero clearance enclosure, built-in thermostat, flame on/off control and separate switches for flame speed, light control and heater on/off control your going to love this upgrade to your motor home or camper. The on-off switch There’s nothing better in fall and winter than the crackle, scent, and warmth of a wood-burning fireplace. Whether you are adding a new fireplace or replacing an existing gas or wood fireplace, Home & Hearth is the place to go. To ignite your device’s pilot light, you’ll need to insert a fireplace key into the gas valve knob located to the left or right of the fireplace. For example, if buttons do not operate when pressed, it could point to an issue with the remote's internal wiring or electric connection. However, if your main goal is to save money while adding a warming ambiance to your home, electric is the clear winner in terms of initial, installation and maintenance costs. Be sure the power cord is plugged into a working electrical outlet. are not just more economical, they are also more convenient and  Heat Surge fireplace troubleshooting information for heaters. It was pretty nice but we wasnt expecting that. How To Fix Electric Fireplace That Has A Stuck Motor How to repair an Electric Fireplace --- Loud Motor Noise - Duration: Imitation Flame On Space Heater Not Working - Duration: My Gas Fireplace Won’t Light. May be it’s the bulbs which are causing the issue, and you just have to replace the bulbs. Still debating whether or not you should install a fireplace blower? Keep reading. It can be recessed into the wall for a flush mount. Try replacing the bulbs, and plug on the Electric Fireplace. I see that the pilot light is lit up and very bright, however, when i turn the fireplace 'on' (the switch is at the bottom of the fireplace), the fireplace does not actually turn on. Find quality electric fireplace inserts online or in store. Dimplex 23 Standard Electric Insert. Be sure to stay tuned later this week for our own hack on adding a little personality and light to your non-working fireplace. The project took about 5 days to complete working on it for around 2 hours each day. There are two types of electric fireplace inserts - fireboxes and logs. With Modern Flames’ industry changing realistic flame pattern, consumers and designers alike can think of electric fireplaces as an upgrade to their existing real fireplace or outdated electric fireplaces. 16. This complete fireplace blower kit offers a low cost solution to push heat created by the fireplace into your living space. mid century royal desoto electric fireplace hanging orange working. The ability to add My Greystone Model #F3610G is not working correctly either. Electric Fireplace Insert Products On A fireplace (or in this case a fireplace insert) has a chimney and a freestanding stove does not. If you need to know about safety, what something is, or how to, when it comes to your Napoleon Fireplace, this is the right place. Measures 39" high x 42" wide x 14" deep, plus 13. OK Lighting has the perfect electric fireplace for your living space. Create a cozy space anywhere with an electric fireplace or fireplace TV stand from Big Lots! We offer the latest styles and great prices on faux fireplaces for your home. Pilot flame issues. Will not run more than 15 minutes and then cuts off. and the heater is working in high- power status. CA so I do not use the gas-log fireplace very often. Fireplace Blowers. It could be that the fan is defective. This Freestanding Electric Log Fireplace from Northwest will bring you warmth and comfort without the hazard of a real fireplace. This TV stand holds most flat screen TVs up to 80 and 155 lbs. Pulled the unit from the cabinet and checked the outlet - OK. Indoor Fireplaces. How high off the floor should an electric fireplace be? More than 1. So pick the electric fireplace with cast iron. The fireplace is a beautiful piece of furniture and I plan to have it for a long time. Alibaba. The biggest problem so far has been the electric fireplace. The hidden LED display shows the settings as they are changed from the control panel or the slim-profile remote. This is a common issue that many homeowners overlook. Dimplex North America offers the best customer support including Technical Documents, Heat Loss Calculator, Operating Cost Calculator, Product Registration, Glossary, FAQ's and Contact Us. Frequently Asked Questions Quick answers to your burning questions are available here in Napoleon Fireplaces’ FAQ’s section. Repeat the lighting process until the pilot remains lit. However, if you do not have propane turned on you must have 110v to operate the electric filiment for the water heater. Find quality electric fireplaces online or in store. . Since there are no fumes it is safe not only for the environment but also for your family. No one should smoke in a room where you or your child is using Now Heat Surge Not Working is probably the almost all sought after merchandise with US. About 80% of these are electric fireplaces, 1% are industrial heater, and 1% are electric heaters. Fortunately, there are now electric fireplaces that are highly convenient, and easy to use and maintain. The heaters measure about 14. If you cannot make contact with your gas supplier then dial 911. The Dynasty Electric Fireplace Insert is a brilliant option to fix on a previously constructed mantle or flat wall. Wood Veneer Fan-Forced Electric Fireplace To ensure complete satisfaction of your Heat & Glo fireplace, we’ve put together an extensive list of common questions to provide you with the information you need to guarantee proper and safe product operation at all times. How to Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace. Wall Mount 36 Electric Fireplace Firebox Heater Led Backlit Flame Effect Remote This electric fireplace heater with the LED screen and backlit flame effect will not only look wonderful in your home with its charming and detailed looks, it will also do a great job elevating the practical side of your home. Quite honestly, I do not even know where the pilot is located even if I wanted to try the purge idea. So not sure what's up ,I guess it's needs to be replaced. Leave the house immediately. If the pilot light is out, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for re-lighting it. This recall involves Duraflame-branded electric space heaters, model DFS-220, sold in three colors, black, red and white. Do not use on soft surfaces, like a bed, where opening may become blocked. MODEL # 1317FM-33-202. How Miraculous is the Amish Fireplace? Amish Fireplace," the product is really an electric heater marketed by an Ohio-based company called Heat Surge. I have also tried the controls on the face of the unit. , a Sino-Canadian joint Venture specialized in producing and selling electric heater and commercial heating systems, was established according to Canadian industrial standard. This only occurs in the minutes after start-up and does not occur when the fireplace has been running for more then ten minutes. Combining an infrared fireplace with the ability to sit your flat panel TV is this 31 in. Odors. Fireplace not working. The condition of the remote itself could be the problem as well. A portable fireplace allows you to heat a room where a traditional fireplace is not an option. Find the user manual you need for your home appliance products and more at ManualsOnline. ) From what I can gather, it has some sort of pilot that is supposed to automatically light, but it is not. 21 Feb 2019 Not able to control my fan or electric fireplace I loaded the new Bond Home app and it would not work with old Bond App and SmartThings. To make the space feel lighter and airier, white should be your go-to. Please check the following before trying resolve any problems you may be having with your Opti-myst fire: The lead and plug are firmly connected to the kettle  30 Apr 2019 Meanwhile, other options like electric fireplace inserts and electric log sets can be installed in already existing fireplaces to solve issues with a  An electric fireplace lets you enjoy the warmth and glow of a fire without the hassle of and repair the problem yourself and get back to enjoying your fireplace. com. The materials cost approximately $150 and the fireplace insert was $300. Electric fireplace with remote. I replaced the light switch and it worked fine for a couple of days but now it is not working entirely (ever). Do not touch any electric switch. Fireplace Insert Trim Kit Ideas. SHARE PIN EMAIL. 1 of the blowers is not working, and was just buzzing, I looks like both blowers blow behind the stove and back out the front. You must stand directly in front of it to get any heat. Return any Scott Living product to your place of purchase within 30 days for a full refund—no questions asked. Also, I can touch the two wires from the fire place together and it lights no problem every time so I am pretty sure it is not anything from the wire back. Kozy Heat supplies both gas electronic IPI & Milivolt ignition switches. We just can't afford the $125 service call plus parts & labor. Find out how to troubleshoot and repair a wall mounted electric heater in your home using these simple tips. I know of a couple of other normal causes for this. To prevent a possible fire, do not block air intakes or exhaust in any manner. Electric fireplaces have the highest heating efficiency of any type of fireplace at We present objective reviews showing the god and the not so good, to allow  We are pleased that you have chosen to purchase an electric fireplace Do not operate any fireplace with a damaged cord, plug, or if the heater has  Browse Heat & Glo's Common Fireplace Questions section for answers to questions about our products, installation, service, Where can I get help if my appliance is not working correctly? How hard are electric fireplaces to install? What do  Are you having issues operating your Heat & Glo gas fireplace? Watch the video here and walk through several steps to effectively troubleshoot. Dimplex offers exclusive in-home service on most electric fireplace products. Smoking can be very dangerous. But we're not convinced they are a high quality device, yet. Our 30-day "Love It" Guarantee. The fan is singlehandedly the most important part of an electric fireplace when it comes to providing supplemental heat in your space. The Touchstone 80014 Sideline Electric Fireplace has a beautiful and sleek design that will look great in your home. Find Electric Fireplace Logs No Heat. Also it hasn't been touched since it was working perfectly and I'm not sure how it could have been bent or moved. We’re not happy unless you’re happy. The days of lighting a fire with kindling or newspaper are long gone. Figure out why your electric fireplace remote is not working from the electric fireplace specialists! These are the 8 most common reasons why an electric fireplace remote control will stop working beg Your apartment has a fireplace! Well, your apartment has a vestigial fireplace that you can never make a real fire in. Another customer complained that his fireplace stopped showing  33-IN Infrared. The red window on the control panel of fireplace is the eye of receiver, do not How to troubleshoot gas fireplace that won't light. I noticed that one did not work, and it became louder. Operating Without Electricity. As a matter of fact, you now stand before a good opportunity to get to know a variety of designs, sizes and other elements that are related to such solutions. Can anyone tell me how to turn off the juice to that switch? I've tripped all the breaker switches and even during a power outage this switch still lights the fire place We have electric fireplaces in every bedroom. 2. Motivated to sell. And doesn’t it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient of times like the coldest day of the year? Not to fret, electric fireplaces are fairly straightforward devices and there’s probably a logical reason the heat or flames may not be working. Pedestal Stove Fireplace Comfort Glow vent free / vent less natural gas and propane pedestal stoves come with full size dual burner logs. Plus, consider all the functions offered with Electric Fireplaces. Does NOT work, likely blown fuse. We went with an electric insert because we wanted a shallow profile, this insert is only 8-in deep. When you choose to have a Kozy Heat gas fireplace installed in your home, you can be assured your fireplace will operate during a power loss. Compact Infrared Electric fireplace provides great ambiance with its realistic flame effect and touch latch drop down media shelf. Check the breaker box and reset any tripped breakers you run across. However, you may understandably be concerned about how useful a new gas fireplace in your home would be during a power outage, especially during the cold winter months. -The Murray Family I was given this fireplace while out of work to help with my electric bill. Here is a brief idea about how a gas fireplace works with an IPI vs. After almost 5 years of fault free use, my Dimplex heater has stopped working - just in time for the first cold! The model is a "Navarra NAV15P Pebble" (links at bottom) and there are some symptoms that have me baffled. Plugged it into an outlet I know is working - Still Nothing. Use them to replace the old set as soon as they stop working or become weak. Posted by: Amanda Bell September 11th, 2013 I love the layout of our new home’s living room, but my husband, Evan, and I felt there was something noticeably missing from it: a fireplace. Electric Stove Fireplace Easy and Inexpensive to Install! A Comfort Glow electric stove will enhance your decor and provide an economical way to reduce the expensive operating cost of central heating. 165 results for electric fireplace replacement parts Save electric fireplace replacement parts to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. If you're looking for help buying, installing, or troubleshooting your fireplace remote control - you're in the right place. It will usually have a pipe funneling out the smoke like a chimney, but that requires cutting I had a chance to look at it. The outside sign said "working fireplace" Mine you this was a full blown brick layed fireplace with stone and slate inlays but after looking closer had a Dimplex electric fireplace insert You don’t lose heat with an electric fireplace because the heat is not also escaping out of the chimney like it is when you’re using a real fireplace, making electric fireplaces very energy efficient. I imagine it's actually a problem with the fireplace but was curious if anyone else has seen similar issues. The classic colonial design will not only add style to your house, but make it feel like home. Anyone know anything about gas fireplaces with electric switch starter? Problem is lately, I flip the switch and nothing happens (circuit breaker is fine and the pilot light in the fireplace is continually lit) We have a DBL-2000 electric fireplace. Above: I was Square Feet and BTU Heat Output of 26 Greystone Electric Fireplace # 324-000065; BTU Rating for the 26 Greystone Electric Fireplace with Remote Control # 324-000065; Can Greystone Electric Fireplace Be Operated on High Heat for Long Periods; Greystone Electric Fireplace Does Not Come Back On Following Intial Heatup One of the greatest difficulties of owning a fireplace is upkeep – and that’s where electric fireplaces have an advantage. Muskoka is a subsidiary of Greenway Home Products, a company that designs and manufactures home water, air and heat products. The Electric Fireplace is one of the best options over traditional wood and gas fired fireplace due to the ease of use, saftey and the versatility of the unit. ) Checked circuit breakers - OK. You'll love the Allsop Mantel Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace at Wayfair - Great Deals on all Home Improvement products with Free Shipping on most stuff, even the big stuff. Not sure of the model. Camping World review rated 1. Here are some typical problems and solutions to check if your unit isn’t working properly. Would like to thank the Newtown fireplace shop and the crew that helped me fix my disaster of a fire place. I have a Valor gas fireplace with remote control. Calling a professional can be quite expensive, especially if they have to diagnose the issue. blows when unit is turned on Improper circuit current rating Additional appliances may exceed the current rating of the circuit breaker or fuse. Ours started and stopped every few minutes so we called and found out it is an easy fix, but it was a known problem. Want the comfort and warmth of a fire, but don’t have the space? Superior’s electric fireplaces provide the benefit of heat while creating the illusion of flame in a convenient electric appliance. Is it gas, electric or wood? thranx | February 15, 2019 I can activate the fireplace once, but after that pressing the icon won’t Heat Surge fireplace troubleshooting information for heaters. Shop for Electric Fireplace Inserts in Fireplace Inserts. Electric Fireplace Flame Not Working. New modern Electric Fireplace are designed to mimic the look of a real flame. Knowing the fireplace doesn't use the house power (we could use it even during an outage), I figured the voltage was low enough for me to troubleshoot. We want to help you have a great experience with your fireplace. So the increased air volume was the other blower starting up, apparently it took longer to get going?? The wheel is free and turns. Chick Ignition If Gas Fireplace Will Not Ignite If the vent free gas logs or vented gas logs still will not ignite, the most likely culprit is a dirty pilot light, or a pilot light that is not lit. Touchstone 80014 – Sideline Electric Fireplace. button button The Spruce. Compared to other electric fireplaces I have owned, this one does not heat as well as the others. Last night the remote function stopped working, and now I can only turn the fireplace on or off by using the control knob behind the control panel (this particular unit does not have a wall switch). If you are not on shore power, then you'll need to run propane and the control board works off the 12v battery. You need to have knowledge of electric and the circuits in the fireplace to be able to The gas will not flow if the knob is not fully depressed. Providing supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 sq. Any help you can provide we would greatly appreciate. Napoleon’s electric fireplaces install in minutes, creating endless design possibilities for any room. Alcohol Gel Fireplace. You But after sitting dormant for months at a time, you may notice an unexpected and unpleasant surprise when you turn on your heater for the first time. Your electric fireplace might be working, but no heat is being produced. If you are too far away or too far to the left or right of the stove/fireplace the remote signal may not be received by the stove/fireplace. I would not recommend this tutorial if you are using a gas insert. No Ignition. They provide the look and feel of a real fire with the use of technology that creates the appearance of an actual flame. After deciding on an electric fireplace that you love, you want to enjoy it, not stress over it not working. electric fireplace not working

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